Dec 27, 2023

In the evolving landscape of crime, the latest data from the San Antonio Police Department, utilizing the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIBRS), paints a concerning picture. From January to October 2023, property crimes have surged by 6.8%, prompting a closer examination of the security measures needed to safeguard your business.

Understanding the Numbers:

Property crimes, encompassing burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft, have seen a marked uptick. The most notable spike is in vehicle theft, which has skyrocketed by 59.9% compared to the same period in 2022. Additionally, robbery and property vandalism have increased by 6.6% and 4.1%, respectively, highlighting the diverse challenges businesses face.

A Local Perspective:

While national trends show a decline in violent crimes, San Antonio is experiencing a contrasting pattern, with property crimes on the rise according to the FBI's annual report. The city's recent budget allocation of $3.7 billion, effective from October 1, emphasizes the commitment to address this issue, with provisions for hiring 117 new police officers- the single largest increase to the department since at least the start of the millennium.

City-Wide Impact and Proactive Measures:

These crimes are not confined to specific areas; they affect businesses across the entire city. In response to these challenges, the San Antonio Police Department has centralized property crime units. This strategic move allows for proactive investigations, such as sting operations and surveillance, shifting the focus from reactive measures to preventative actions.

National Context and Budget Implications:

Nationally, violent crime rates are decreasing, yet property crimes in San Antonio persist in their upward trajectory. The city's commitment to public safety is further underscored by budget provisions, demonstrating the dedication to tackling this issue head-on.

Navigating the Security Landscape:

Amidst these challenges, businesses must recognize the critical role robust security measures play. Passive approaches are no longer sufficient; a proactive stance is imperative. Consider this a call to action — an invitation to partner with a security service that provides comprehensive solutions. The safety of your assets, your employees, and your business demands a strategic commitment to security.

Choose a Security Partner That Understands Your Concerns

As you look for a security partner, it's important to address common concerns head-on. Look for a partner that:

  • Keeps Tabs on Security Officer Movements: Ensures officers meet their commitments using cutting-edge tracking systems.
  • Provides Accessible Security Officers: Ensures you can reach security officers quickly and reliably whenever you need them.
  • Prioritizes Professionalism and Image: Offers officers who maintain a neat and respectable appearance, reflecting professionalism.
  • Ensures Enforcement of Rules/Regulations: Guarantees officers diligently enforce client-requested rules and regulations.
  • Delivers Detailed Daily Reports: Provides comprehensive daily activity reports offering a detailed account of hourly site activities.
  • Adheres to a Clear Chain of Command: Promises officers who follow a clear chain of command, ensuring accountability and structure.
  • Engages in Onsite Patrols, Not Just Drive-Bys: Features patrol units actively involved in full onsite patrols, not just passively driving by.

As you navigate the decision-making process for your security needs, choose a partner that not only understands your concerns but actively addresses them. At Tap Security, we are committed to providing top-notch services that prioritize professionalism, accessibility, and meticulous enforcement.

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