Nov 14, 2023

The holiday season is a time for celebration, gift-giving, and spreading joy, but it's also a season when car thefts tend to surge. Thanksgiving Day and Balck Friday are considered the top holidays with the most vehicles stolen.   

Texas, in particular, ranks among the top five states for holiday auto theft, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

Recent data from the San Antonio Police Department (SAPD) indicates a disturbing trend of rising vehicle thefts, with property crimes on the rise. in 2023, more than 14,000 people in San Antonio reported their vehicles stolen, according to SAPD data, marking a shocking 62% increase in vehicle thefts compared to the previous year.

One local business owner, Jesus Torres, shared his harrowing experience, underscoring the emotional and financial impact of car theft. torres, like many others, takes pride in living in a safe neighborhood and owning nice cars. however, he was left stunned when he discovered his vehicles missing from his driveway just ten days ago.

"When we opened our door, both of our cars were gone. now I have to be paying for rental out of pocket because I don’t have rental with my insurance company," Torres lamented. (Source: KSAT)

Due to the statistics presented earlier. It's essential to take steps to protect your customers' vehicles when they visit your establishment, especially during this holiday season. 

Here are some valuable tips to safeguard your customers' cars and prevent car theft:

Event security: keep your holiday events safe with professional security services.

Business vigilance: increase security protocols during holiday hours to protect your assets and customers.

Parking & Vehicle safety:

  • Offer secure parking areas monitored by Security Officers.
  • Encourage customers to keep their belongings hidden and vehicles locked.
  • Provide clear signage about security presence to deter potential thieves.
  • Implement security patrols that include checking on parked vehicles.
  • Advise customers to avoid leaving spare keys or key fobs in their vehicles.
  • Consider valet parking services where trained staff can oversee vehicle safety.
  • Keep the parking area well-lit to increase visibility and discourage tampering.

Employee training & alertness: educate your staff on security measures and encourage a culture of vigilance. ensure they're ready to spot and report any unusual activity. integrate increased security patrols for added vigilance.

Bright & secure premises: a well-lit business with regular marked security patrols deters crime. keep your establishment bright and constantly surveyed.

Wrap up your preparations for the holiday season by prioritizing the safety of your business. Explore the attached video detailing the training of TAP Security Officers—an investment in the safety of your establishment and peace of mind for your customers.